A Life Of Inner Quality – Ajaan Maha Boowa (eng)

A Life Of Inner Quality

Ajaan Maha Boowa

This is a guide for integrating Buddhist practice into daily life, drawn from talks that Venerable Ācariya Mahā Boowa has given over the past 25 years to various groups of lay people— students, civil servants, those new to the practice and those more experienced. In each case he has adapted his style and strategy to suit the needs of his listeners. Some of the references made in the talks were very specific to the time, place and culture of the audience present for the talks. This point is worth bearing in mind as you read these talks.

Although most of the talks emphasize the more basic levels of the practice—levels frequently overlooked—they cover all levels, for as the Venerable Ācariya says in the concluding talk, all are mutu- ally reinforcing. The higher levels must build on habits and attitudes developed on the more basic levels, while the basic levels need refer- ence to the higher levels so as not to become misguided or pointless.

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