A Taste Of Freedom – Venerable Ajahn Chah (eng)

A Taste of Freedom

By Venerable Ajahn Chah (Phra Bodhinyana Thera)


The production manager would like to thank Venerable Ajahn Puriso, the translator, who kindly not only revised the text for this edition, but also helped with the final proof reading.

This book has come into existence with the help of many devoted people. Khun Vanee Lamsam, along with her brother Khun Parl Na Pombejra, raised the Fund to support all costs of publication. Khun Thanu Malakul Na Ayudhaya supplied us with a slide of his beautiful painting for the cover. Khun Panya Vijinthanasarn helped with the cover design and illustrations. Khun Chutima Thanapura helped with the first proof-reading. Khun Pansak Panpakdeeddisakul supplied us an invaluable photograph of Luang Por Chah (Phra Bodhinyana Thera). Khun Karoon Hansachainand helped with the pasting of some parts of the artwork and saw the book through the press.

May the kind meritorious deeds of the above-mentioned people help them experience the supreme bliss, Nibbana.

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