Buddhanīti Saṅgaho – Ānandajoti Bhikkhu (eng)

Buddhanīti Saṅgaho

Chosen by The Most Venerable Rerukane Candavimala Mahanāhimi

Re-edited by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu

Sutvā Dhammaṁ vijānanti narā kalyāṇapāpakaṁ,

Api gāthā suṇitvāna Dhamme me ramate mano.

From the Sutasomajātakaṁ

The following work is based on a book known under its Sinhala
title as the Buddha Nīti Saṅgrahaya of Ven. Rerukane Candavimala, the former Mahānāyaka of the Swejin Nikāya in Sri Lanka, which is my ordination sect.

Ven. Rerukane Candavimala, who passed away in 1999 just short of his 100th brithday, was one of the foremost scholars in Sri Lanka in the 20th century, and his works, which cover the whole range of Buddhist studies, including Vinaya, Discourses, Abhidhamma and Meditation, are all still standard works of reference in the country. Unfortunately his impact has been limited to the Sinhala speaking peoples, as only one of his many works (there are more than 30) has so far been translated into English: Analysis of Perfections (BPS, Kandy 2003), original title (Paramatthaprakaranaya).

I hope the present work, which has been a long-cherished project, will go some way to making his name better known in the Englishspeaking world, and it is offered as a small tribute to the Venerable Monk’s life and work.

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