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Sayagyi U Ba Khin


Myanmar regained her independence from the British on January 4, 1948. It was a memorable day for the people of Myanmar when the actual ceremony for the transfer of power took place in the grounds of Government House (previously the Governor’s Residence and then the Residence of the President of the Union of Burma). It was in the early hours of a pleasant morning, at 4.20 A.M., when the first rays of the sun flashed forth above the horizon at dawn. The time must have been chosen according to the Myanmar tradition of timing important events to coincide with the most favourable moment, one which occurs when the signs of the Zodiac in the sky are those for Peace, Prosperity and Stability and when those of the three traditional destroyers—war, famine and pestilence—are not encountered. The people of Myanmar wished to time this event so that there would be timely rains and bumper crops each year after independence, and they made the resolve to promote the Buddha-Sāsana, for they felt that the Buddha’s Teachings had been on the wane during the period they had been dominated by the Allies—a period ranging from 62 years for Upper Burma to 122 years for the Arakan and Tenasserim Divisions.

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