Expectation Derived From One’s Own Point Of View – Bhikkhu Revata (eng)

Expectation Derived From One’s Own Point of View

Bhikkhu Revata



You expect. We expect. Everyone expects. This is common to all of us. We live on hope and expectation. There is no one who is without expectations in
life! In the same way, there is no one who is without points of view. Expectations and points of view have a mutual, causal relationship. If our points of view are different, our expectations will be different as a consequence. Our expectations and actions are very much determined by our points of view.

Our points of view vary from time to time due to many reasons. Sometimes they vary because of hearing something repeatedly, or because of tradition, or sometimes because of surmise. Sometimes they vary because of reasoning, sometimes because of our background or education, or sometimes because of
the place where we live. They vary sometimes due to time and conditions, and sometimes according to what is accepted by many. Sometimes our points of view vary because of our likes and dislikes as well.

Points of view are nothing more than perspectives. Mere points of view are not the truth. Only when ignorance, or not knowing the truth, is expelled, new vision which is not a point of view is attained. We should not strongly cling to points of view of any sort in life. Instead we should balance them when they should be balanced, we should improve them when we ought to improve them, and we must give them up when we know they are wrong.

In this book, I have shared with the reader how the bodhisatta had practised while regarding what was right as wrong and what was wrong as right, and
how he later gave up what was wrong and improved his points of view, so that he was able to tread the right path as he was seeking for the truth.
We are also people who hold what is wrong to be right and what is right to be wrong, not only in this very life but also throughout the round of rebirths.
When our bad kamma ripens, we think that what is wrong is right, and what is right is wrong. This is what I share with all the readers of this book.
Without holding onto any points of view…

May you all be able to read this Expectation Derived from One’s Own Point of View with an open mind and receive much benefit from it. May you all be able to engage in practising the true teachings of the Buddha! May you all be free from all suffering!

Much Mettā,

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