Handbook Of Abhidhamma Studies Volume Iii – U Silananda Sayadaw (eng)

Handbook of Abhidhamma Studies Volume III

By Venerable Sayadaw U Silananda


Handbook of Abhidhamma Studies is a series of lectures given by the late Venerable U Silananda on the subject of Abhidhamma. Actually the talks originated from courses he offered to American students on the Abhidhammatthasangha. This book, Handbook of Abhidhammma Studies, is designed to supplement the study of  the Abhidhammatthasangaha. 

The Abhidhammatthasangaha is a small book that was probably written by an Indian monk named Acariya Anuruddha in about the twelth century. That small book provides an introduction to subjects taught in the Abhidhamma texts of the Tipitaka. Actually in order to understand the Abhidhamma texts in the Pali Canon, it is essential that the Abhidhammatthasangaha be throughly mastered. 

Burmese monks in particular first memorize this book and then pursue extended studies of it with their teachers. The late Venerable U Silananda followed this course of training. The result was that he had a thorough and precise knowledge of this small book, as well as the Abhidhamma texts in the Tipitaka, the Commentaries, and the Sub-commentaries. 

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Handbook of Abhidhamma Studies Volume III - Sayadaw U Silananda-đã nén