Interview With Student – Achaan Naeb (eng)

Interview With Student

Achaan Naeb

This manual was prepared to facilitate the teaching of English-speaking students who come to Boonkanjanaram Meditation Center. It was found that considerable time was being spent, both in translating points of practice and dhamma to foreign students, and in looking up Pali words to get satisfactory phonetic spelling in the Roman alphabet, with correct definitions.
The first draft consisted of taking notebooks of the undersigned, which contained the teaching of Mr. Chua Jantrupon, and organizing these uiider various arbitrary headings. This draft was then translated by Miss Vitoon Voravises into Thai, whereupon Mr. Chua made changes, additions, and rearrangements of the text. Both Mr. Chua and Miss Vitoon were students of the late Aachan Naeb Mahaniranonda for many years, and therefore have a good idea of what her thinking was on many subjects of Dhamma. We wish to thank Mr. Boon Charoenchai, President of Boonkanjana ram, and Mrs. Anong Jantrupon, Vice-president, for their valuable support
in the production of this manual, and Mrs. Nartsiri Vimolchalao for a great deal of help in typing and preparation of copy. We also wish to thank all those who generously donated money so this book could be printed. 

May all beings be happy, well, and peaceful, and realize Dhamma as the Lord Buddha did.

Frank Tullius.

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