Meditation On Mind And Feeling – Venerabla U Vimala Of Mogok (eng)

Meditation On Mind And Feeling

Translated By U Tin Aung and U Than Daing 

Memory Poem 

Depending on Ignorance and craving, the root causes (the sources), grasping, deeds as causes corporeality (matter) and Foure senses follow. As from the tree (plant) to the fruit (seed) and from the fruit to the tree goes the process (link) without interruption. So deeds as causes senses, corporeality appear and senses and corporeality as causes again Deeds surface (arise) continuously.

Up mentioned exit not because of the creation of Brahma or Devas so are human being, Devas and other living being created.

The two sources, (Ignorance and craving), the two fold ultimate Truths, the fout-fold layers, the twelve Elements, the embodiments of the Dhamma and the three links, the two original (Craving, Ignorance) defilments, the three Vattas, (Rounds), the three periods, the twenty fulfilments. Of these Eight-folds, try ye to know and learn, contemplating the inner self, which verily is the only exit, from the cycle of Rebirth. 

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