Pali Text Society 1917 – 1919 Volume Vii – T.w. Rhys. Davis, M.a, Ph.d (eng)

Pali Text Society 1917 – 1919

Volume VII

Edited by T.W. Rhys. Davis, M.A, Ph.D

In an interim report for 1914 issued last year to our subscribers, mention was made of a forthcoming first edition of that canonical commentary on a great part of the Suttanipata, entitled the Niddesa. Of this we publish this year the first half of the main dividion, or Maha-Niddesa, edited jointly by Prof L. de la Valle Poussin and Mr. E. J. Thomas, of the Cambridge University Library. The remainder is ready for press as is also Dr. W. Stede’s edition of the sequel, or Culla-Niddesa, prepared on a special system. The basis of both editions was a transcript made some years ago by Miss G. Noakes from the Siamese printed edition, and collated with Singhalese and Burmese MSS. by the Misses Dibben commentary on the Sutta-Nipata, edited by Mr. Helmer Smith, and forming a contribution of the commentary on the Khuddaka-patha, published by us last year. 

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