Pali Text Society 1990 Volume Xv – K.r Norman (eng)

Pali Text Society 1990

Volume XV

Edited by K.R Norman


The Namacaradipaka (The Action of Mind) was traditionally attributed to the thera Chapata also later known as Saddhammajotipala who lived in Arimaddanapura (Pagan) in Burma. This is one of the nine Abhidhamma manuals entitled in Burmese “Let-than” or “Little finger summaries”. In the beginning of Parakramabahu’s reign. Thera Uttarajivaleft Paganfor Mhavihara, Anuradhapura, taking with him as a gift to the Sinhalese monks a copy of Saddaniti, a comprehensive Pali grammar written by Aggavamsa in 1154.

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