Pali Text Society 2000 Volume Xxvi – O. Von Hinuber (eng)

Pali Text Society 2000

Volume XXVI

Edited by O. Von Hinuber

Jain-Buddhist Dialogue: Material from the Pali Scriptures

What exactly did the Buddhists know concerning the Jains? This has been an intriguing questions which has given to various studies, the first of them being Jacobi’s valuable observations in his introduction to the translation of two major Jain canonical works, the Suyagada and the Uttarajjhaya. Miss Horner herself, in 1946, briefly considered the subject in her article “Gotama and the other sects:, some years after Leumann’s book Buddha und Mahavira, and before Bhachandra Jain Bhaskar’s Jainism in Buddhist Literature, published in Nagpur in 1972. Several other articles  could also be mentioned and will be referred to in due course. In recent years, the relationship between the Buddha and the Jains has been at the center of a gentlement’s controversy between R. Gombrich and J.Bronkhorst. 

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