Pali Text Society 2007 Volume Xxix – O. Von Hinuber (eng)

Pali Text Society 2007

Volume XXIX

Edited by O. Von Hinuber


Two particularly auspicious events in the history of the Pali Text Society almost coincided in the years 2005/2006, when a pair of memorable events in the Society’s life could be celebrated: The 125th anniversary of the foundation of the Pali Text Society in 2006, and in 2005 the eightieth birthday of its long-serving President, editor of the Journal and doyen of Påli studies, Kenneth Roy Norman. Therefore, the council of the Pali Text Society decided during the meeting on 16 September 2005 to mark these birthdays by the publication of a special number of the Journal as a joint Festschrift for both, K.R. Norman and the Society, which has been a centre of his life for many years. The Pali Text Society gratefully acknowledges the indebtedness to all scholars who without hesitation accepted the invitation to contribute to the present volume. When the foundation of the PTS was announced by Thomas William Rhys Davids (1843–1922) during his Hibbert Lectures in May 18811 with the original plan to “render accessible to students the rich stores of earliest Buddhist literature” (JPTS 1882, p. vii), printing of major Påli text editions was already going on in England and continued outside the PTS for some time. For, the Jåtaka edited by Viggo Fausbøll (1821–1908) appeared from 1877 onwards, the Vinaya-pi†aka edited by Hermann Oldenberg (1854–1920) from 1879 onwards followed in 1880 by the Milindapañha edited by Villem Trenckner (1824–1891). All three editions were later integrated into the program of the PTS as reprints.

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