Shāsanāvataraṇaya – Compendium Of Bhikkhu Vinaya By Rerukane Candawimala Maha Thero (eng)


Compendium Of Bhikkhu Vinaya

by Rerukane Candawimala Maha Thero

The Buddha the all compassionate one, the blessed one, the perfected one, the supremely enlightened one established the sasana as an adobe for the faithful and intelligent to practice Dhamma in order to release themselves from suffering in sansara (cycle of births and deaths), as well as a meritorious abode for devas and worldings. On entering the sasana (dispensation of the Buddha), one initially receives the Samanera (novice) pabbajja (going forth/going into homelessness) in the first instance.

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Shāsanāvataraṇaya _Compendium of Bhikkhu Vinaya_