Shāsanāvataranaya – Compendium Of Bhikkhu Vinaya




Rerukāne Candawimala Mahā Thero



D.J.Percy Silva



Translator’s note                                                                  



Lay pleasure and Bhikkhu pleasure                                   

Beginning of Pabbajja                                                      

Persons suited and unsuited for Pabbajja                         

Teachers qualified to ordain noble sons                            

How to perform ordination                                                

Formula requesting precepts                                             

Makārānta taking refuge                                                   

Niggahitānta taking refuge                                                

The other method of taking precepts                                 

Accepting preceptor                                                           

Taking refuge                                                                     

Utilisation of the four requisites                                        


Pali stanzas on reflection                                                   

Reflection on robes                                                

Reflection on food                                                 

Reflection on residences                                        

Reflection on gilānpaccaya (medicine)                 

Past reflection                                                                    

Reflection on robes                                                

Reflection on food                                                 

Reflection on residences                                        

Reflection on gilānpaccaya                                   

English paras on reflection                                                

Reflection on robes                                                

Reflection on food                                                 

Reflection on residences                                        

Reflection on gilānpaccaya                                              

Past reflection                                                                    

Past reflection on robes                                         

Past reflection on food                                          

Past reflection on residences                                 

Past reflection on gilanpasa                                  

Sāmacera ten precepts                                                        

Ten defeats                                                                          

Ten punishments-Penances                                                 

Wearing and donning robes                                                 

Matters to be known regarding robes                                  

Dimensions of robes                                                

Robe materials                                                         

Colour of robes                                                        

Colouring materials                                                 

Belt (Kāya bandhana)                                              

Precepts regarding the consumption of food                       

Precepts to be observed in the village                                 

Precepts regarding Dhamma desanā                                   

Precepts regarding toilet practices                                      

Seventy-five disciplinary precepts                                      


Duties towards preceptor                                        

Duties towards teacher                                            

Duties towards pupils                                             

Visitor’s duties                                                        

Residents duties                                                     

Gamika Vata                                                          

Duties at refectory (Bhattagga vata)                      

Duties of transferring merit                                    

Alms round duties                                                   

Forest Monastary duties                                          

Temple duties                                                          

Lavatory duties                                                                   

Ancient daily routine                                                          

Catupārisuddhi sīla                                                            

Pātimokkhasanvara sīla                                         

Indriya sanvara sīla                                                

Ājīvapārisuddhi sīla                                                

Pratya sannishrita sila                                            

How to protect morality                                                      

Bhikkhūs who protected morality at the

cost of their lives                                                                 

Benefits of observing morality                                           

Wealth of bhikkhus                                                             

Benefits to the world from a bhikkhu                                 

Becoming a great bhikkhu                                                  

Dangers of immorality                                                        

Asisstance for bhikkhūs                                                      

Bhikkhu practices                                                               

Four meditations                                                                 


Venerable Sāriputta mahā thero                                         

Vattabbaka Nīgrodha sāmacera                                         

Respect for teachers                                                            

Virtue of humility                                                               


Punna thero                                                                         

Insulting and abusing bhikkhūs                                          

The quality of intolerance                                                   

Unity among bhikkhūs                                                        

Smaracīya Dhamma                                                           

Three maha theros who lived in harmony                          

Things to be done at gatherings                                          

Subjects of discussion not suited for bhikkhūs                   

Ten types of speech to be practised by bhikkhūs               

Pabbajja and lying                                                             

Adhimutta sāmacera                                                          

Hermit Harittaca                                                                 

Appicchatā santuiihitā qualities                                         




Accepting what is sufficient                                               


Story of cobra king Manikantha                                         

Story related to bhikkhūs Alau                                           

Lay- Bhikkhu relationship                                                  

Candopama patipadā                                                         

Matters to be known regarding Dhamma desanā               

Those whom bhikkhūs should not associate                       

Maintaining contacts with women                                      

Āriyavansa Dhamma                                                          

Undertaking of austere practices                                        

Dasadhamma sutta                                                             

Jīvaka sutta                                                                         


The effort of Mahāsīva thero                                              

Eight types of laziness                                                        

Eight types of effort                                                            

Begging for food                                                                 

The places unsuitable to visit for picaapāta                       

A matter to be careful about                                               


Eight vicissitudes of fortune                                               

Godattathera gāthā                                                             

A series of stanzas showing samana qualities                    

Bhikkhūs of the Buddhas period                                       

People suitable and unsuitable for the robe                       

Four dangers for the bhikkhūs                                          


Consequences of sense desire                                           

Bhisa jātaka                                                                       

Inheritance of the Buddha                                                 

Paryāpti Dhamma                                                             

Aparihānīya Dhamma                                                       

Nāthakaraca Dhamma                                                      

Qualities of metta karuca                                                  

The story of Manikāra kulupaga Tissa thero                      

Nursing the sick                                                                  

Good attendant                                                                    

Vijaya sutta                                                                         

Dasabala sutta                                                                    

Kula putta sutta                                                                  

Vitakka sutta                                                                       

Cintana sutta                                                                      

Koti grāma sutta                                                                 

Advice on the discilplinary code                                        

Thoughts of great people                                                    

Buddhas last advice                                                            

Loving kindness meditation                                                

Reverential stanzas used in Burma