The Chhandas Śāstra – Śrī Piṁgalanāga.

The Chhandas Śāstra

Śrī Piṁgalanāga.

The original work, as can be seen from the title, included the authorative commentary by Śrī Halāyudha, and what amounts to
two sub-commentaries. At the moment the momumental commentaries have not been prepared, and in their place I have
simply added the metrical markings, and one or two notes, when
there are difficulties that need explaining.

As with Śrī Kedārabhaṭṭa’s Vṛttaratnākara, the immediate purpose in preparing this work has been to have a text to accompany the Pāḷi prosody Vuttodaya, which is currently in preparation, and so the amount of time I can dedicate to this work has been unfortunately limited. Even so it has thrown much light on some of the more intractable problems associated with the Pāḷi work, and a study of the text is recommended for anyone interested in Indian prosody.

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu
January 2004

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