The Connection With Previous Deeds – Ānandajoti Bhikkhu (eng)

The Connection with Previous Deeds

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu

In preparing this text and translation for publication I have divided it into a number of versions. In the Buddhist Texts and Studies section will be found the Pāḷi Text together with the variant readings. This is a more technical work dealing with the establishment of the text, and considers the text from the point of view of its grammar and prosody, and gives a metrical analysis of the verses.

In the Texts and Translations section I present the full Text and Translation with annotations which help to explain matters that may not be clear from the text itself. I have retained variants that give a significantly different reading in this edition, together with their translation, including verses and lines found only in one edition.

The translation here follows the text quite closely to allow for reading and study of the latter. In the English section there is the Translation Only, with somewhat less notes than in the Text and Translations section, which is intended for the casual reader who wants a reliable translation but is not interested in the technical matters concerning the original text itself. Here the sentence structure, which has many sub-clauses and the like in the Pāḷi, has been simplified to present a more natural flow in English. Although the verses have been translated before, this is the first time that the commentary has been brought over into English, and as far as I know the first time any section of the Apadāna commentary has been translated.

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