The Essence Of Visuddhi Magga – Volume I – Dr. Mehm Tin Mon (eng)

The Essence of Visuddhi Magga

Volume I

Dr. Mehm Tin Mon


In my book entitled “The Noble Liberation and the Noble Truths”, I explain the Four Noble Truths in detail to help the readers to understand them clearly. The Blessed One has pointed out that it is through not understanding, not realizing the Four Noble Truths that living beings had to wander so long through the round of rebirths and the round of suffering. 

When a person understands these profound universal truths penetratively in all aspects with direct knowledge he will gain the Noble Liberation from the entanglements of defilements and become a noble person (Ariya), enjoying the unique bliss and eternal peace of Nibbana as much as he likes. 

But in order to gain penetrative, thorough understanding of the Four Noble Truths by direct knowledge, he must undertake the Noble Threefold Training – viz, the Training of Morality, the Training of Concentration and the Training of Wisdom – that represents the Noble Eightold Earth

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