The Four Noble Truths – Delivered By The Mogok Sayadaw (eng)

The Four Noble Truths

Delivered by The Mogok Sayadaw on July 6, 1962

First Edition, August, 2003


After introducing the first translation with an alarming title for most newcomers, this writer felt the need to follow up, as quickly as possible, with a gentler invitation to the first-time readers of our English language publications. 

It had been our intention to generate new interest. Having done that, we felt that after showing a hopeful ending, we do need to show an equally encouraging beginning. We are directing the attention of all newcomers, as it were to the ABC of Buddhism, but it has to be a crash course. This is the age of the “short-lived” people, when one is considered “old” by 65 in the developed countries of the World, (and ten years earlier for developing nations, where a wage-earner is not expected to live much longer beyond 55)

We have made this introduction to The Four Noble Truths. We have also shown the usual way, recommended by the Buddha and His Chief Disciples, after the Buddha had set in motion The Wheel of Truth: Dhammacakkapavattana-sutta [The First Sermon of the Buddha].

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