The Great Chronicle Of Buddhas V1p2 – Mingun Sayadaw (eng)

The Great Chronicle of Buddhas

Volume One, Part Two

By The Most Venerable Mingun Sayadaw

Translated into English by U Ko Lay and U Tin Lwin


This book forms the later portion of Volume one, Part one, of the Great Chronicle of Buddhas, the state Buddha Sanana Council’s version, by the most Venerable Mingun Sayadaw Bhaddanta Vicittasarabhivamsa, Tipitakadhara, Dhammabhandagarika, Agga Mahapandita, Adhidhaja Maharatthaguru. 

The Volume One, Part One of the treatise contains the story of the Hermit Sumedha together with Anudipani which deals with elaborate explanations of various doctrinal points. We brought out the first portion of this volume containing the story of the Hermit Sumdha on the Full-moon day of Tazaugnmon, 1352 M.E (1st November 1990) in time for the 79th birthday Veneration Ceremony of the Venerable Syadaw. The second portion of the volume dealing with Anudipani was brought out on the auspicious day of the 80th birthday of the Venerable Sayadaw, the 4th waxing moon of Tazaugnmon M.E (10th November 1991). 

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