The Happiness Of A Beautiful Mind – Abbess Dīpaṅkara Theri (eng)

The Happiness of A Beautiful Mind

Abbess Dīpaṅkara Theri

Published by The Very Quiet Studio 

Note by Editors
This book is a collection of a series of dhammatalks by our meditation teacher, Venerable Sayalay Dīpaṅkara. Over the years as we collected her Dhamma Teachings through audio recording, Sayalay has rarely allowed distribution of her voice recordings much less her image in the public domain. Her humility in her teachings and spoken English, have been the main reasons for ‘not sharing’ although any student of hers know in their hearts, she gave her fullest in every talk and retreat. In handling these talks, we try at our best to do a word-for-word transcription first. Sayalay’s use of simple English relates the profound teachings effectively. It is this very style we hope we may retain, as well as the dhamma. Most of the Pāli terms are not capitalized by its grammatical rule and have specific conjugation in its sentence use. We wish to maintain its integrity and succinct characteristic in its written expression. It is advisable for readers not to develop attachment to its English translations. We hope all Buddhists may find this a breathing-work of dhamma by
the author-inspiring, compassionate, beautiful, and deeply personal.

~ The Editors

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