The Noble Liberation And The Noble Truths – Dr. Mehm Tin Mon (eng)

The Noble Liberation and The Noble Truths

By Dr. Mehm Tin Mon


Although you are a free citizen, are you really free from the bondage of various kinds?

There is the bondage called the fetter of attachment (tanha) to your wife or husband, sons and daughters, wealth and property, sensuous objects and sensuality. This bondage ties you to your beloved persons and cherished things so that you cannot be free. 

There is another bondge called the fetter of ill-will (anger) that burns or tortures you because you are not satisfied as you do not get what you want or you get what you don’t want or someone ill treats you. 

Again there is another bondage called the fetter of wrong view (ditthi) that makes you regard yourself as “person, being, I” let you attach to “I” and constantly attend to “I” so as to make you feel well and happy. 

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