The Real Creator – Dr. Mehm Tin Mon (eng)

The Real Creator

By Dr. Mehm Tin Mon


What is the most important thing in life?

The teaching of the Buddha is very marvellous. We should thank him most heartily for expounding the natural truths that are unknown to philosophers, psychologists and scientists. 

The most important thing in life is the mind. It is the mind that rules the whole world. The mind controls all our thoughts, all our speeches and all our actions. Consequently it controld the whole world.

If we can control just one thing, that is our mind, we shall enjoy the human happiness, the celestial happiness and the supreme happiness of Nibbana.

Psychologists also acknowledge that the mind has infinite power and that it can accomplish anything. We can see from the rapid, great advances in science and technology that the ability of the mind to create wonderful things is unlimited; indeed the sky is the limit. But psychologists do not understand what the mind really is. 

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