Videos: Enshrining Of The Relics Of The Buddha At Global Vipassana Pagoda

Enshrining of the Relics of The Buddha at Global Vipassana Pagoda

Salutation to the Lord Gautama Budha who about 2600 years ago began turning the wheel of Dhamma. Not only did he preach the theoretical aspect of his universal and external teaching but also taught how to practice it in the form of Vipassana. In his time, not just Monks, but also Nuns, and Lay Disciples would follow the teaching of the Lord and benefit from it. 5 years after achieving the Enlightening, Budhha predicted that his Teaching in purest form will continue to be imparted for 500 years and will guide practitioners towards path and fruition. We learn it from the cullavagga in Vinaypitaka.  

In the Commentaries, Acarya Buddhaghose explains that the reign of Buddha’s Teachings will last for 5000 years. This means that mankind will benefit from Buddha’s Teachings for 5000 years and somebody, somewhere will surely attain path & fruition will the help of his Teachings.

In the first 2500 of these 5000 years, keeping his Teaching pure will be a challenge and eventually will be limited to a very small group of people. After the first 2500 years, once again the river of Buddha’s pure Teachings will flow with renewed vigour and many people will be reunited with this pristine pure technique to cleanse the mind…

Dhamma Paññā

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