Words From The Heart – Sayadaw Dr. Nandamalabhivamsa (eng)

Words from the Heart

A compilation of 75 Dhamma Talks

By Venerable Sayadaw Dr. Nandamalabhivamsa


On the full moon day of Tabaung, 2015, we will turn to the 75th page of the book of the life of Rector Sayadaw, as the Myanmar people titled him, or Dr. Nandamalabhvamsa, the chief Sayadaw of Maha Subodhayon monastery. 

On one of the life-pages of Sayadaw, we can read that he and five brothers, all monks, established Maha Subodhayon in Sagaing in 1959 with the aim of supporting the Buddha’s Sasana that is to exist up to 5000 years. Later, they established two more branches of this pariyatti Sasana further. The third missionary branch, the Institute for Dhamma Education, was founded in 2013 and Sayadaw teaches there people from Myanmar and abroad who wish to learn Dhamma. 

Sayadaw loves literature and his hobby is to collect ancient palm leave manuscripts. He is very good in giving speeches but also in writing. Since the precious moment that he took his pen and started to write, he wrote poems, articles, biographies, his elder pupils collected and printed two books on the occasion of his 75th birthday. 

While doing missionary works, in Myanmar and abroad, Sayadaw teaches pariyatti. When giving Dhamma talks with his peaceful voice, he tunes into the needs and requests of the people. 

The talks of Sayadaw are clear and notable, because he teaches the Dhamma in a modern way. People often come to Sayada and say how grateful they are as their views become right and their way of living life has changed for the better, because of the power of Sayadaw’s Dhamma Talks. 

This book is a selection of 75 extracts of transcriptions of Sayadaw’s Dhama Talks. 

When these word from the heart of Sayadaw sink into your heart, it will be a source of inspiration and confidence. May it be support for us who are circling in samsara. 

May all the virtuous people who love Dhamma be peaceful, by reading and following these words from the heart. 

May you all live with Dhamma knowledge.

Pyinn Oo Lwin, April, 2015 

U Viriya. 

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