Pali Text Society 1904-1905 Volume V, Part I – T.w. Rhys. Davis, M.a, Ph.d (eng)

Pali Text Society 1904-1905

Volume V, Part I

Edited by T.W. Rhys. Davis, M.A, Ph.D

Note on Medhankara

There are at least four Medhankaras famous in the literary history of Ceylon. The first flourished about 1200 A.D., and was the author of the “Vinayarthasamuccaya” in Sinhalese. The second was the Arannaka Medhankara, who presided over the Council held by Parakrama Bahu III. about 1250 A.D. The third was the scholar to whose care Parakrama Bahu the IVth entrusted his translation of the Jakata book into Sinhalese ‘that it might be preserved in the line of the succession of his pupils’ (‘Mahavansa, chap.xl., ver.86). The fourth was our author, Vanaratana Medhankara (who was also the author of the ‘Payoyasiddhi,’ also in Pali), and who flourished under Bhuvaneka Bahu the 1st (1277 – 1288 A.D).

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