A Comparative Edition Of The Dhammapada – Ānandajoti Bhikkhu (eng)

A Comparative Edition of the Dhammapada

Pāḷi text with parallels from Sanskritised Prakrit edited together with A Study of the Dhammapada Collection

Ānandajoti Bhikkhu

The present work gathers together all the Middle Indo-Aryan (MIA) parallels to the Pāḷi Dhammapada found in the surviving remains of the various Buddhist traditions, and studies the principles underlying the way the collection has been organised and assembled.

Part 1 of this book presents an abstract of the parallels to give a clear overview of how the various versions relate to each other. There are detailed notes discussing such matters as the titles of the chapters, the content and sequence of the verses, and the way the material has been collected and organised.

Part 2 is the main portion of the book and contains the text of the Pāḷi Dhammapada itself, along with all the parallels that have been collected here. When presented in this way the complex relationships between the various texts becomes evident.

There is also a complete Comparative Index to the Dhammapada verses presented here, which acts as a kind of comparative vocabulary of the texts, showing the morphology of the words in the various recensions of the verses.

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