Manual Of Mindfulness Of Breathing – Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw (eng)

Manual of Mindfulness of Breathing

Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw

Translated into English by U Sein Nyo Tun


Editor’s Foreword
The Venerable Ledi AraÒÒavihåravåsi Mahåthera of Monywa, better known as the Venerable Ledi Sayadaw, Aggamahapanita, D. Litt., is described in the short biography reproduced at the end of this work as perhaps the outstanding Buddhist figure of this age.”

Of this there can be little doubt, and this is the very reason why every attempt should be made to make known to Western readers – and in particular English-speaking readers – as many as possible of the numerous works originally written by him either in Påli or Burmese. These works are clear and precise expositions of Buddhism, suited to people of wide and differing abilities and unde
rstanding, and are invaluable aids for the study and practice of Dhamma in all its aspects.

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Manual of Mindfulness of Breathing Anåpåna Dipani Mahåthera Ledi Sayadaw