Pali Text Society 1902 Volume V, Part I – T.w. Rhys. Davis, M.a, Ph.d (eng)

Pali Text Society 1902

Volume V, Part I

Edited by T.W. Rhys. Davis, M.A, Ph.D


The following bibliography is based upon books found in the public libraries of Philadelphia, together with my own collection and a few that were borrowed. My aim has been to include works of permanent value only. For this reason, certain books on Buddhism, written when our study of it was unriper even than at present, have been omitted. Among such may be mentioned St. Hilaire’s once famous essay, which was based upon the work of Hodgson, Csoma, Turnour, Burnouf and other pioneers of the early nineteenth century. Unfortunately for popular knowledge of Buddhism, this brilliant but immature sketch has been included in Sir John Lubbock’s “Best Hundred Books”, and an English version of it, so late as 1895, perpetuates old errors.

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