Pali Text Society 1920 – 1923 Volume Vii – T.w. Rhys Davis, M.a, Ph.d (eng)

Pali Text Society 1920 – 1923

Volume VII

Edited by T.W. Rhys. Davis, M.A, Ph.D

The Society is founded to edit in Pali, and if possible to translate into Enlgish, such Pali books as still exist in MSS. preserved either in Europe or the East. 

Members of the Society are those who subscribe in advance one guinea a year towards the expenses of the Society, or give a donation of not less than $5. 

The management of the Society shall be conducted by a President and Hon. Treasurer, a Council or Committee of Management, and an Hon. Secretary. 

It shall be the duty of the President to choose the books to be edited, and to arrange with editors or translators to do their work, with printers to do the printing, and with publishers or other persons to distribute the volumes when printed. 

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