Realization Of The Dhamma – Dr. U Dhammapiya (eng)

Realization of The Dhamma

By Dr. U Dhammapiya


In the world today, there are approximately five billion people who belong to different kinds of religions. Each religion has its own teachings. However, some teachings are similar to one another. In each religion and denomination, there are adherents with various degrees of involvement, religious feeling, and different degrees of clarity about their beliefs. It is important for a Buddhist to have religious feeling and degrees of clarity about Buddhism. We should know ourselves how deep and how genuine our understanding of the teaching of the Buddha is. We should also try to become tru Buddhists rather than Buddhists in name only. 

I write this book quoting from many sources. The book is designed mainly for young adult students and those who are beginning to learn  Buddhist doctrines to understand what is the basis teachings of the Lord Buddha, you are welcome also. The goal of this book is to show readers how Buddhists practise, and how to attain peace and happiness. 

Sayadaw U Dhammapiya

Tathagata Meditation Centre (USA)


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