The Dispeller Of Delusion – Bhikkhu Nanamoli (eng)



Part I

Translated from the Pali by


Translating the commentaries

As part of the celebration of its centenary in 1981 the Council of the Pali Text Society (PTS) initiated a programme of translations of the commentaries (atthakatha) to the Pali Canon. Progress is inevitably somewhat slow but at present the PTS has published and maintained in print the translations of five commentaries: those on the Khuddakapätha, Buddhavamsa, Petavatthu, Dhammasahgani and Kathävatthu. A small portion of the Vinaya commentary has also been translated. The PTS has also reprinted works, originally published elsewhere, which contain substantial portions of the translations of the commentaries to the Dhammapada and the Jätaka. This includes one commentary by Dhammapäla and one attributed to Buddhadatta. The translation of a further commentary by Dhammapäla, that on the Vimänavatthu, will be published shortly. The remainder are traditionally attributed to Buddhaghosa whose general commentary to the whole canon, the Visuddhimagga, has also been translated and published by the PTS.