The Great Chronicle Of Buddhas V6p1 – Mingun Sayadaw (eng)

The Great Chronicle of Buddhas

Volume Six Part One

By The Most Venerable Mingun Sayadaw

Translated into English by U Ko Lay and U Tin Lwin

Preface – U Tin Lwin

We have now come to the last volume of The Chronicle of Buddhas, the volume that is dedicated to the Sangha and appropriately entitled Sangha Ratana or the Sangha Jewel. It is divided into two parts, each part being a separate book. (So is the first volume divided, thus making the entire magnum opus run into six volumes or eight books.) The present book therefore is the seventh one and the whole book is treated as a single chapter and accordingly numbered 43. It is devoted to the lives of Mahatheras who were the male Disciples of the Buddha. (The second part dealing with Theris, the female Disciples, has been in the good care of Sayagyi U Ko Lay.)

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