Basic Paticcasamuppada – A Discourse On Causes And Effects – Ashin Sumana (eng)

Basic Paticcasamuppada – A Discourse on Causes and Effects

Delivered By Ashin Sumana, the Presiding Sayadaw of Sagaing Siri Sumana Gyaung

Translated Into English by U Hla Myint


After being born a human being and for that matter to a religious Buddhist family, after having been in proximity with the Teachings of the Buddha who had passed through infinite aeons deveting Himself to no other objective than becoming a Buddha for acquiring all comprehensive knowledge known as sabinnutanana, after having the opportunity to hear the paticcasamuppada (a doctrine on endless cycle of causes and effects leading towards nirbana, a state of being free from all forms of suffering prevailing in mundane world), the fate that has put a person in such a position where he can practise vipassana, transcendental meditation that would lead him to nirbana, is definitely not an ordinary, commonplace occurence.

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