Pali Text Society 1996 Volume Xxii – O. Von Hinuber (eng)

Pali Text Society 1996

Volume XXII

Edited by O. Von Hinuber

I would like to begin with a quotation from a preface – prefaces and quotations. which are part of the stuff of dictionary writing, will feature fairly prominently in my remarks tonight. So, from a preface: It is the fate of those who toil at the lower employments of life, to be rather driven by the fear of evil than attracted by the prospect of good; to be exposed to censure, without hope of praise; to be disgraced by miscarriage, or punished for neglect, where success would have been without applause, and diligence without reward. Amond thses unhappy mortals is the writer of dictionaries; whom mankind have considered, not as the pupil, but the slave of science, the pioneer of literature, doomed only to remove rubbish and clear obstructions from the paths of learning and Genius, who press forward to conquest and glory, without bestowing a smile on the humble drudge that facilitates their progress.

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