Pali Text Society 2002 Volume Xxvii – O. Von Hinuber (eng)

Pali Text Society 2002

Volume XXVII

Edited by O. Von Hinuber


This paper provides a preliminary account of the manuscripts held in six Sri Lankan Buddhist temples located in the island’s Kandyan and Kurunagala regions. The temples that form the focus of my account are the Sri Dalada Maligava, Madavela Rajamhaviharaya,… In five cases, the list of manuscripts is reproduced from handlists held by the temple’s monastic incumbent I was unable to photocopy them, and instead recorded their contents into a micro-cassette from which a later transcription was made. At Hanguranketa Rajamahaviharaya no list was available. As a result, the list provided below is the result of a two day survey of the collection I condeucted in June and July 1997. Further detail about each manuscript collection is provided below. 

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