Pali Text Society 1906-1907 Volume V, Part Ii – T.w. Rhys. Davis, M.a, Ph.d (eng)

Pali Text Society 1906-1907

Volume V, Part II

Edited by T.W. Rhys. Davis, M.A, Ph.D

Report Of The Society For The Year 1906

The Pali Text Society has now been working regularly for a quarter of a century. It has printed, published, and issued post-free to its subscribers fifty-nine volumes (this Journal itslef making the sixtieth), containing upwards of 17,000 pages, at the price of 25 guineas. The price is extraordinarily cheap-not much more than half the price which publishers of similar books have found it necessary to charge. But subscribers will never forget the generous donations which have so increased the receipts as to enable the Society to plod steadily on in its good work. Nor will they lose sight of the peculiar conditions under which the Society has been carried on, with no expenditure for the multifarious charges rendered necessary by a business establishment. 

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