Cittanupassana (meditation On Mind) And Vedananupassana (meditation On Feeling) – U Than Daing (eng)

Cittanupassana (Meditation on Mind) and Vedananupassana (Meditation on Feeling)

By U Than Daing

Preface by Venerable U Thittila Sayadaw

The significance of this small book, especially for those who are interested in Buddhist Meditation, lies in the statement made by the author in his introduction that this little book is produced from the relevant sections of the Exposition of the Paticcasamuppada (which he has recently written).

It is an attempt to show the points of practical importance to the Yogi who wishes to practice Vipassana Meditation by reason of his understanding of the Doctrine of Paticcasamuppada. It is essential for the intending Yogi to have a sound knowledge of the doctrine which explains the causes and effects of the five aggrefates (Pancakkhanda) which constitute the so-called being, man, woman, etc. Unless he is in possession of such a knowledge he may not be able to rid himself of his wrong concepts of life and death, and his wrong views of soul, self, atta (or Anatta) which are hindrances towards the attainment of his goal Nibbanaa,,  deliverance from all suffering.

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