For The Benefits Of Many – S.n. Goenka (eng)

For The Benefits Of Many

S.N Goenka


Since the early 1980s in India and around the world, there has been an astonishing increase in the number of Vipassana course offered each year and the number of centres devoted to the practice of this teaching. This growth has been possible because of the selfless service of thou- sands of meditators. Working in many different capacities, they have freely given help so that still more people could take steps on the path of libera- tion.

To ensure that their service yields the best results, over the years Goenkaji has frequently given guidance to all who participate in this work. At yearly meetings in India or on visits to various centres, he has spoken about many different aspects of Dhamma practice and service. The tran- scripts of those talks and question and answer sessions are the sources for this volume.

The material included here covers the years from 1983 to 2000, For the most part it is presented chronologically, but not in every case, one ex- ception, for example, is the talk placed at the end of the book since it provides a fitting and inspiring summation.

In all this mass of material, Goenkaji returns again and again to a cen- tral theme: what it means to give Dhamma service and how a server ought to work, He explains this at length but always by presenting a few key points.

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1. For-the-Benefit-of-Many (Dana)