Mindful Eating – U Silananda Sayadaw (eng)



(One day Retreat August 1, 1998)
The subject of today’s talk is clear comprehension in eating. Our bodies are so meek and mild that they need nourishment everyday. We have to eat everyday to keep ourselves alive. Eating has become a bit part of our lives. People have to spend a lot of time for eating. That means try to find things and cook them and eat them until the dishes are done. But not everybody eats wisely. Some eat what is detrimental to their health and pay the price with different diseases. We are fortunate that VipassanÈ teaches us how to eat wisely. Vipassana teaches us that if we pay attention to what activities involved in eating, we will not only improve our health but also we can gain insight into the nature of eating. In the great discourse on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Buddha taught clear comprehension. In that section, Buddha taught that we must apply clear comprehension when we go forward, when we go backward, when we stretch, when we bend, and so on. One sentence included there is to apply clear comprehension when we eat, drink, chew, and lick.